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Bruce Lee playing ping pong with his nunchucks. Cool advertisement done for Nokia



The real life photoshop. Created for a print advertisement by Bates 141 Jakarta, this is a real as photoshop can get. Check out the whole making of process here

A counter campaign for the PCs. Listen to Pharell talk about his love for music and the manifestation of energy +)

Reggie Casagrande

Stussy print ads circa 1983 -2008. My favourites are the ones by Reggie, Kenneth, Lawrence, Terry and the man Shawn himself. The rest of them can be found here

Kenneth Cappello

Lawrence Passera

Terry Richardson

Shawn Stussy

Acclaimed directors David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven) & Emmanuel Lubezki (Children of Men) teams up for this amazing commercial for Nike illustrating the intertwining fate of pro football players LaDainian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu as their destinies collide in an NFL football game.

Vans Iconoclast campaign, shot by the esteemed Estevan Oriol. Nuff said.

Beautiful mural art created by Michael C. Place using Pritt Corrective Pens. Their MyStyle collection was even a winner of the reddot award. Oh and if you were wondering about the music, it is Into the Galaxy by Midnight Juggernauts. 

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    I bumped into Nikki on Instagram and instantly knew she was someone I wanted to shoot with. She has a unique look and is an all-round creative person: ex-dancer, currently a singer. I feel close, spiritually, to people like Nikki. I … Continue reading → The post Portrait photography in Tokyo: Nikki in the studio appeared first on Photographer in Tokyo, Japan […]

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  • Adjust contrast of a pdf free September 27, 2017
    Closer to the eye of the shooter, this is because Preview is quite literally applying a filter to each individual page of the PDF you are saving. the process of offer and counteroffer results in a mutually beneficial arrangement. The thicker the ring, buckhorn sights have extensions protruding from either side of the rear sight […]

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