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This 20 minutes presentation by Dan Gilbert illustrates the many examples of the tendencies that we have in underestimating or at times overestimating things that really makes it hard for us to make good rational decisions on the many things that we have to decide on. Pretty insightful and definitely worth a watch.

Oh and by the way Merry Christmas and have a Joyful Year in 2009!


Poster by Shepard Fairey

This is to commemorate the victory of the man who so eloquently defined hope and rallied the masses to vote for a change. Yes We Can! It is inspiring indeed to see the whole world celebrating this event in unison.

“Sometimes the only way to get something done is to do two dozen other things first”

Procrastination, a wonderfully incisive video about procrastination created by Johnny Kelly for his MA in animation at the Royal College of Art. A must watch if you have about 4 minutes to errr…procrastinate. Hah the irony +)

Two very interesting article on sleep and creativity. One is about how cognitive performance can be improved just by sleep alone and the other is about the paradoxical traits of a creative personality.

On Sleep:

“Sleep makes a unique contribution,” explains Mark Jung-Beeman, a psychologist at Northwestern University who studies the neural bases of insight and creative cognition.

Some sort of incubation period, in which a person leaves an idea for a while, is crucial to creativity. During the incubation period, sleep may help the brain process a problem.

“When you think you’re not thinking about something, you probably are,” says Dr. Jung-Beeman, who has a doctorate in experimental psychology.

On Creativity:

“I have devoted 30 years of research to how creative people live and work, to make more understandable the mysterious process by which they come up with new ideas and new things. Creative individuals are remarkable for their ability to adapt to almost any situation and to make do with whatever is at hand to reach their goals.

If I had to express in one word what makes their personalities different from others, it’s complexity. They show tendencies of thought and action that in most people are segregated. They contain contradictory extremes; instead of being an “individual,” each of them is a “multitude.”

Apparently the root of all evil is not money. Watch this presentation by Philip Zimbardo about the manifestation of evil. The Lucifer Effect is the culmination of his many years of research and search for the understanding of the very definition of evil, surely this book will be worth your time for a greater understanding of the subject matter.

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