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A museum of automobile typography. Where you should go to if you like to find out more about car and their related typography. You could also get some books on automobile from their store for some visual feast. Oh and by the way they have another site for the motorcycle fans as well.


The future of our transportation will be determined by the concept designers of today. At the Concept Ships blog you will be able to see all kinds of conceptual rendering of spaceships, planes and what not and maybe just a little glimpse of our future. Click on the pictures for the corresponding posts or go here for many hours of beautiful conceptual rendering

The Big Picture on Beijing 2008 Opening

Mainstream Media nowadays rarely ever shows us The Big Picture. Do we really need to see The Big Picture? Yes I think we do. Click on the pictures to see The Big Picture.

The Big Picture on The Large Hadron Collider

The Big Picture on The War in South Ossetia

The Big Picture on Beijing 2008 Closing

The Big Picture on Rio de Janeiro

The relations between words and colors. What do you think?

An incredibly poignant piece by Phillip Toledano

When you spend so much time in front of the computer surely you’ll need some visual candy. Here is where I get mine


Posted on: July 19, 2008

What do you do when you want to find out more about typography?

You read a blog of course.

Well this site is not just solely about type, there are beautiful graphic design in the form of stamps as well as book covers

more on typography here

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