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A new photobook featuring potraitures and biographies of some of the hottest contemporary artistes ranging from Shepard Fairey, Mark Ryden, Audrey Kawasaki, Ron English, David Choe, Saber, Gary Baseman, Kozyndan, Anders Nilsen and Karen Knighton. Photographed by photographers Tatiana Wills and Roman Cho and just released at A Paper Tiger. Oh, and by the way this is just Volume 1.



What every designer needs. A collaborative work by Japan design firm Wonderwall and reknowned bag maker Porter, this beautifully structured and nicely detailed blueprint case and drawing case should be top on any designer’s wishlist. Well I know it is on mine. +)









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Surely by now you would have heard of the release of the latest iteration of the very successful Macbook lines by Apple. Well the news is surely not at all suprising given the rumours flying around for the past few months. As usual the wonderful people at Apple had prepared an introduction video for the Macbook and you will be able to hear firsthand the thoughts of the design and engineering process behind their latest beauty and I really can’t help but marvel at the great lengths that they have went through to improve on their already amazing Macbook line. Get the HD version here. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

It is really wonderful to see designers doing an amazing work infusing the traditional design elements into contemporary products without looking too trashy. Dorophy Tang is one such designer, working in collaboration with Lomography on the Diana F+ model, some furniture design for Adidas Beijing and even a Bearbrick . It is really fresh to see such an amazing combination of the ancient and the contemporary. If anyone knows where to get the Dorophy Tang x Diana F+ model, please drop me a comment or contact me via email, would definitely love to get my hands on one. +)

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Just about a few weeks ago we had the D90 announced by Nikon, today Canon just unleashed another beast the 5D Mark II. Well both cameras are competing in different realms but I’ll be damned if I were to say that this new monster is not the least tempting. 21 Megapixels, ISO ranging up to 25600, a Full Frame Sensor and the ability to record HD videos this is like a dream come true. Well you know where to go if you need to spec it up. We have a new champion on the wishlist! +)

Desktop speakers design over the past few years have been bland and boring, square and boxy with almost all looking like remnants of the industrial era. This week however, Altec Lansing armed with a new logo announced the Expressionist Bass which totally tops my speaker replacement list. With the subwoofer now integrated into the 2 piece setup there is will plenty room to spare for your desktop.

Also just announced this week would be the Lumix-G1 by Panasonic which would be the world’s first Micro Four Thirds camera. What is amazing is that this in time would possibly lead to compact cameras which imaging systems would rival those bulky DSLRs. Less bulk leads to more pictures +). Much to be looking out for in the next few months. Now if they would only announce the much rumored Canon 5D Mark II.

The latest DSLR camera by Nikon which is also able to capture video in HD Mode. Awesome shit.

Samples of video capture. This is surely going to be a big hitter for Nikon. Innovation at it’s best. +)

Preview of D90 by Chase Jarvis at the video below.

“if anyone approaches you, just hide it and walk away”

Hell Yeah I would walk away with it.

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